Tired and sad yesterday, my eyes didnt gave me the pleasure to sleep early, i resorted to watch a great film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. But this post aint about that, this is about what happened when my eyes gave in to what i needed the most, sleep. I had a dream about two important persons. One was Joms. I cant remember what the dream was, but im quite sure it was him in that dream. Then i looked back, he was indeed precious, though we didnt have enough time to bond and form a tighter one, im just so grateful i got to know him and became a friend not only in the blogworld but in real life. I do hope hes doin great, if not fine, i know he is, he got lots of friends.


Below was an entry posted on 15.12.07 on my blog. It brings lots of memories bout joms when we first met at Gateway. Truly magical.

“Tara mink, samahan kita…”

I needed to withdraw money from the ATM or else I cannot pay what my friends will order during our lunch date at Gateway. This distinguished guy in front of me, merrily joined me in the not so far ATM booth of the mall. I was afraid to start a conversation with him, worse I cant look directly in his alluring eyes. I have high respect on this person, maybe that’s the reason why I acted that way when I was with him, but after a few minutes or so, he made me feel what most people wanted to feel… accepted, welcomed and appreciated… But our conversation was limited only to a few subjects including Quaipo and the niceties of the place. Once in a while I glanced at his side just to take a good look, to the person who has, in one way or another, inspired me to keep on blogging. Hes none other than Joms, Pulsar, Mugen, Darkstar, Kitsune - All rolled up into one great person than I truly admire.

Joms is the first member of my blogger’s Triumvirate, worthy to be called a legendary blogger and friend. His Bloglist was the reason I knew former strangers now good friends like DK, CJ and Gripen to name a few. I even made a vague attempt to get his number and I was successful… he was very accommodating and was the first blogger I got in touched with. I even took the opportunity to add him on my friendster account and he humbly approved my request. It was such a nice feeling to have a friend, though far away, who can accept you for what you are and not for what you are worth. I give myself time to read and meditate on his posts, that gives lessons and somehow makes me realize a lot of things on the world and the life I hardly knew, the PLU world, though reading his posts drains my brain and makes my nose bleed, his posts were worthy of all the accolades on the blogworld. His countless contributions to my bloglife will always be remembered. It will always be an honor and privilege to get in touch with him, meeting him in person and being beside him was such a wonderful experience.

His nice and tall built, attractive eyes, manly skin tone, deep voice, and that appeal of respect are just few of the things I admire about him. His terrific personality signifies a person who possesses the charms, the heartwarming smile, and a helpful heart. His tremendous set of friends, including people in and out of the internet can attest to this. I was oftentimes speechless when he is around because I intend to listen first to his words. With just one look in his eyes I can see countless stories, unspoken adventures and endless tales of struggles and triumphs. Howd I wish I was a part of his victories, and I hope I was worth a penny on his presence. I have told him this so many times, and I will not falter in thanking him for contributing so many lessons that shaped what I am now.

The gateway lunchdate was such a memorable event during my vacation. He even exclaimed to me that I was so brave in telling Marvin Agustin how adorable he was, without even sounding absurd or ridiculous. Because it was the first time I saw joms, I was really amazed on how he has appreciated me as a person. He looks really cool on his outfit but beyond the covers I can see the responsibilities he have, somehow I can see myself mirrored on his personality, but neither as bold nor aggressive nor as cool as he is.

We have solidified our bond and allegiance during my despedida at MOA. Just like before, the stunning presence of joms was still there, though we had little time to be closer to each other. I hope he has felt how I am really thankful to have met him finally and how I wanted to be part of his large crowd of admirers and friends. Joms will forever hold a special place in my heart being one of the first few friends who has heard the songs of my heart.

Dear Joms,

My endless gratitude for all the help, appreciation and inspiration that you have given me. I will forever respect you as one of the reason in shaping my blog life and in turn my life beyond the keyboard and the screen of the computer. In the nine months of our friendship online, and just less than a month of blood allegiance, I hope that I have given you reasons to cherish me also as your friend. I will never ever forget how you offered me help in times of doubt and uncertainties. I do hope in the future that I have the chance to get to know you more. If ever I have been too much childish during my vacation, my apologies. Please remember that I am always here to give a helping hand to you, my friend. You will always be my paragon in blogging and in real life. Please take care of yourself, and I pray to God to give you all the blessings for you deserve them all, you are a great person, friend, son and brother to your family and to all your loving friends, me included.

A Very Happy birthday to you, my dearest Joms. I wish you all the best. I will always look forward on seeing you sometime, soon.

by 17:28
…Hinding hindi ka pababayaan na mag isa sa ulan
Aalagaan, magtatawanan, wala na itong iwanan
Sukob na halika na
Sabay tayo sa payong ko
Hawak ka, kapit pa
Umulat bumagyo…
Magkasama tayo…


And then i knew why i dreamt of him.


He's also one of my early influences in blogging. I havent met Mugen in person but i've always felt affinity to him through his works.


bunso, SANA mabigyan mo ako ng chance na makilala siya ng personal..lam mo kung bakit? pag nagmeet kami,hahalikan ko talaga ang kamay niya

ang galing niyang msgulat, sobra...


Tampo ako kay Nanay. Hmpf.


Siya rin una kong nakilala, hindi sa blogging but sa pex. Friendly guy and yet I was immature that time. nagalit yata saken. hehe


Utol Mugen...

I always feel safe kapag kasama ko siya. Tapos kapag makita mo siya ngumiti, basta!

Hehehe... thankful ako na utol ko siya. Utol! HUGS!!!


hehhe.. sweet! you made mugen's day.


yeah, he was the one who influenced me to go back to blogging.

and he's closer tham you think ;)


haay namiss ko naman siya bigla...


i think he's blogging again. great news to his followers.


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