We might meet thousands of people in our life but like a vast desert, only few precious stones can be found, and once found you should never take them for granted because once lost, no other gemstone in the world could ever take their place…


Think about how happy they were when they found out about the gift that God has given them just a few months after they became one.

How worried they were when Aling Simang, the old midwife, wasn’t able to deliver you, in their old house.

The pain that she has to go through because you have a “big head” for such a young boy, but she was stronger than you thought, she wants you to see the pretty world.

How hed defeated his fear when he was driving her and you to the place where you’ll first see the light.

How they were surprised to see your complexion that seems to resemble the color of the singkamas that she had always asked him as an appetizer when your just inside her.

How they were thrilled to welcome again another boy after a year you came to this world. And another precious one after a span of three years.

How incredible her bright face projects when she comes home from school carrying the candies that you and your younger brothers always look up at the end of the day.

How he showed all of you the wonders of nature and the importance of hard work and perseverance.

The way they answered your questions regarding the sun, the moon, the stars, why there is a need for Christmases and New Years Eve.

Their Magical giggle when they saw that you have found out that the overlarge socks you put on the windows on Christmas Eve were full of delicious candies the next morning from Santa Claus.

Their approving remarks while you were helping planting flowering plants on the backyard and helping plant sugarcane on the wide farm of your grandfather.

Their understanding words of wisdom when you lost a chess match on the district meet. They thought youd gonna cry out loud.

The way they call out “PUTIIIIIII” during dinner time, and when you hurriedly come home from an afternoon of playful activities, youll find out it wasn’t you they were calling; it was for your white dog, named Puti. They laughed hard.

How he has managed to buy you your first kitchen set and a pretty doll to boot during the plaza fair.

Their laughter when you have fully appreciated the wonderful space gun you got during a field trip at Manila. You still can hear the 10 different tones each time you press the toy gun’s trigger.

Remember the fun times you have at Manila, they showed you and your brothers huge Turtles, Dinosaurs and other creatures made out of clay, and of course the gigantic map of the Philippines carved in stone.

Their grief and sadness when they have brought you to the hospital numerous times, you were so sickly when you were young.

Their pleasant smiles at the hospital when you have told them you wanted chicken for dinner. That he had gladly bought immediately.

His terror belt sticking on your butt, proves that wrongdoings cannot be tolerated. Her warming assurance that all will be well.

Their proud smiles every time they go up the stage to pin that pretty red,blue , yellow and sometimes pink colored Ribbons on your sleeves during elementary recognition days. You were never on the top, but for them, for sure you were.

Their tremendous sacrifice when they decided you have to go to private high school.

Their unforgettable joy when someone called out your name on stage, her holding your hands while going up the platform and him taking your pictures.

Their incredible joy when you went up the stage on black robe to get your hard earned diploma, your name has an honorable adjective attached with it.

Their words of pride when speaking of their three wonderful children.

Their hugs and embraces when you have finally found your first job.

Their kisses everytime they have to leave from your apartment, going home to the bukid.

Their mixed emotions during your flight from manila to a far away land. How she cried hard and how he had comforted her. The tight embrace that has always been with you deep inside and can never be forgotten.

Their tighter hug and endearing kiss when you came back home…

Their unending love.


If there was one thing that is true in this world full of lies, it is the truth that there will always be someone who loved you since the time when you first breathed your first oxygen. Initial moment you opened your eyes, your every first and last in this world… there will always be someone who will love and care for you no matter what. They are what you call parents.

When I was little and I asked my Inay and tatay what was the meaning of the word “family”. They answered me.

Family is Father And Mother I Love You.

And we do love them, their children, very much it hurts not being with them.


Its their 27th wedding anniversary today. I love them both so much.


Happy anniversary sa parents mo!


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